Infinite Sky's HQ

Ancient's Corporation specialized in space travel. Before comet one of the biggest corporation, with a Media polution afair's. And a lot of recreational bissne's deal's for their employer's.

Company Building's: Edit

- Company premises: West Edan - Corporation tall building near left over's of highway ,main labratory, with underground bunker complex.

- Company premises: North Abessa - Small Lab, whith few truck's parked outside

- Company Satelite Aray Station

Contract's: Edit

- Comapny has contract with Goliet resort hotel. For their employe's recreation and rest.

- Company had varius space project's with goverment

Trivia Edit

- For contact corporation used automated system (Audio log from Goliet Reasort Hotel)

- Many Flayer's are adversating Their proccesing center (Operation Caalan)