ELEX is an upcoming science fiction/fantasy blended game from Piranha Bytes, the creators of Gothic and Risen. This game was announced mid 2015 and was showcased at Gamescom. It features a deep narrative, open world exploration and a rich environment. It does not compare to the previous games and is set in a post-apocalyptic world. This game is expected to release late 2016 or early 2017 and will be available for PC, XBox One and PC. There is a single page website available for the game, but currently no information.

Overview Edit

The game takes place on the planet Magalan, several years after a meteor impact nearly left the highly advanced civilization extinct. Leaving more than destruction in it's wake, the meteor also gave the people an element they called Elex. This element was new to them but they soon discovered that it gave them the ability to develop magical abilities. They also used the element to forge new weapons. The world, now divided, sought to have the element for themselves despite the drastic side effect. On top of the abilities, it turned the humans into a half-synthetic hybrids, removing all sense of emotion.

The game will lead players on a long journey through forests, gloomy marshes and snow covered mountains.

Gallery Edit

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